EV progress moves into driverless mode

Whilst over here in the UK, we are only just beginning to embark on the transfer to EV, a company called WAYMO has launched the first driverless service in Arizona, where you can order a car to come and collect you and take you and your family to your chosen destination. There will be drivers initially but they are only there to reassure and build confidence in driverless technology says the company.
See video here;

What is the true comparison between EV and ICE

This is a good video to watch, although US based, as he has researched thoroughly and references his sources and citations, which is good. Bit technical in places but it does destroy some of the myths perpetuated by petrolheads  and oil tycoons who are desperate to keep their ICE ( internal combustion engine).


Hiyacab…An AirBNB type model to help further grow electric car use by ‘putting the car into caring and sharing’

There is no doubt that many people will be very reluctant to give up their beloved fossil fuel car, although, and for sure, one day, petrolheads will revere and indulge their favourite models with the same deep sense of pleasure now enjoyed by steam enthusiasts. But even the most ardent combustion lover cannot enjoy the depreciation and costs of motoring these days. Sharing car cost with electric vehicles is a great idea, and above all, helps reduce the number of cars on our roads, and those that are, increasingly then won’t be stuffing noxious fumes down our throats.


Grant changes for Ecars will accelerate change to electric

This week, the UK Government announced reductions in capital grants for Ecars. Clearly they believe the industry can now stand with less support and we think they are right.

Just look at some of this weeks developments…

Chargepoint and EVBox have just launched a partnership to offer roaming between electric car charging networks which is great news;


Volkswagon have announced that they will price their new Ecars in line with their diesel range


And how about this electric whizz for getting around… a Stator self balancing electric scooter