French Technical Report supports the transition to EV

Although the arguments will continue to rage, do not lose sight of the fact that oil companies will continue to profit from any fuel that keeps ICE going, together with its resultant pollution of the air we breathe. They are skilled at promotng false information and misleading facts. Check the science!

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24th April Electric Vehicle Charging Point EVENT

West Somerset Welcomes Electric Drivers to the area

West Somerset Together celebrates the installation of the first Electric Car Charging Station in the area to encourage zero emission vehicles visiting West Somerset.

The Charging Station was donated by Zero Carbon World, a charity supporting the reduction of CO2 and cleaner air by encouraging the switch to fossil fuel free transport, and was installed at the Rest and Be Thankful Inn by leading installers in the SW, Sol Electrics. The Charging Station is located at the Rest and Be Thankful Inn Car-park for customers and visitors to this popular destination location arriving by zero emission plug-in electric vehicles.

This is the first of many EV Charging Stations planned for a network across destination locations in West Somerset to help with the transition to zero emission transport and greener tourism in the area.

Visitors to the Rest and Be Thankful Inn at Wheddon Cross, Minehead with a plug-in vehicle can now recharge or ‘top up’ their vehicle while they stay or stop for a bite to eat and enjoy what this unique historic town and countryside has to offer.

Zero Carbon World donates Charging Stations to destination locations in order to support the development of a national charging infrastructure at destination locations and to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, reducing pollution in communities.

The Charging Station is simple, robust and reliable and comprises a Mennekes Type 2 32-Amp 7kW connector, the European Standard for Electric Car Charging. Zero Carbon World has donated Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations to “go to” locations around the UK. Successful applicants also join ‘Zero:Net’ – the only unrestricted National Electric Car charging network in the country. Electric car drivers park in the designated parking bay and use their own charging cable to plug into the socket of the Charging Station. The fast-charge station adds up to 30 miles of range per hour, enabling a full recharge in as little as three to four hours, and typically gives a range of about 100 miles for around the same price as a coffee.

Cara Naden from Zero Carbon World said: “With todays critical issues regarding climate change, species extinction and air pollution creating hazards to the health and well being of our communities, we need to do all we can to support the transition to clean, fossil free transport and the installation of renewable energy technologies. I am really proud of this community and of the local council who supported the installation of the first destination Electric Car Charging Station for West Somerset Together so far.”

The Zero Carbon World Charging Stations are currently free to use to encourage more people to switch to electric plug in vehicles.

Growing rapidly with over 669 donations to date, ZCW is helping with the transition to Electric Cars reducing emissions and improving air quality in the UK

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